I am a person who loves visual communication. And what do I love to see the most? I love to see people growing, evolving, and looking for their best versions. Whether as a doctor, a graphic designer, or a mother, I like to help people to achieve their dreams and reach their goals.
I also like to understand people and the cultural universe that each of us carries. This makes experiences like traveling, making friends, and designing extremely pleasurable and fun for me. I believe that all people have something to teach me and can learn something useful from me. As Vinicius de Morais said "Life is the art of encounter" and good encounters teach us so much. I love to hike and be surrounded by nature. My hobby is making videos with different tools for social media and researching creations and trends in the fashion world. I find it fascinating to be able to explore different forms of expression and both fashion and videos are wonderful communication tools.
 I believe that empathy is a superpower and makes a super positive impact on all human relationships. This is why User Experience is fascinating for me. I believe that Graphic Design is a way to make intelligence, beauty, care, and empathy visible. If a brand cares about its consumer and its product, it must have a design to match. My professional objective is to give technical and creative support to these brands. Let's work together!
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